The wide range of SULU solid soap includes several types of toilet soap, beauty

soap, multipurpose soap and baby soap. The products are presented in

Khozyayushka Stores, big supermarkets, and markets along the entire Kazakhstan.

The Company has its production facilities in Turksib District, Almaty. The plant

has an area of more than 1,000 sq.m.; it is provided with equipment meeting the

global standards: 

The plant capacity is more than 100 tons of soap per month. Highly qualified

specialists ensure high quality of the products manufactured and timely delivery of

goods to the customers.

Strict requirements to the raw materials, meeting the production standards ensure

product safety. Natural ingredients in SULU soap meeting Halal and Organic

standards ensure a care of the health of our consumers.

Adal Plant LLP does not only strive for maintaining high quality of the products

manufactured, but also develops new types of solid soap using the best global

practices and know-how of national and foreign researchers. 

Adal Plant LLP is a solid soap manufacturer in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Established in 2013.

SULU trademark registered in 2014.

Sulu soap is made exclusively from high-quality raw materials:

- Premium-class soap pellets for soap production based on palm oil (Malaysia,


- alcohol-free fragranced perfumes based on exclusive compositions specially

designed for Sulu brand (Germany)

- packaging materials preserving the soap properties for the entire shelf life

(Turkey, Kazakhstan)

All products manufactured by Adal Plant LLP are inspected thoroughly, certified

and authorized for the use.

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